The 30 Day Filming Project

Here’s all the details you need to know about the 30 Day Filming Project announced on creativeLIVE yesterday!


All those details again…


• take camera with you everywhere.

• film any moments that inspire or make you smile

• film something everyday

• play, experiment, get comfortable and try, try again till you get a shot you love!



• go through your footage and take out only the best moments

• edit them to music

• export and upload to your vimeo or youtube account

• tweet @suebryce and @ycbsisfun with hashtag #30daysoffilm by March 20 and we will put our top 5 on our blogs & share them.


For some inspiration, here’s my 30 Days of Gratefulness video. Good luck!


  • Christian Argueta

    Hailey, think this is a great idea and exercise. Thank you for suggesting it. I’m going to do it and show you reel at the end. Thanks again.

  • Angie Capri

    I’m so excited about this challenge!! Thank you so much Sue Bryce + Hailey Bartholomew for all of the education and creative support on CretiveLive this week!!

    Video has always intrigued me, but seemed scary!! I have known I have needed one for my business, but didn’t know where to start or how to get my message across creatively + effectively! I never realized I have already done stop motion photography during previous photo shoots, which I have printed as sequences in my clients albums.

    I’m SO EXCITED about now creating my own show reel and using this style to bring more movement and fun! I’m learning so much and can’t wait to begin creating this new project!!!


  • MissJeni

    Hi Hailey! Thank you for all inspiration that you share on creative live, I will totally get into 30 days project, and I´ve had a mark2 for almost a year now but never ever shooting film with it. Until now. You made me want to! Thank you for that!

  • Charlie O’Brien

    ha ha – “you should have called me Kelly.” Thanks for all the inspiration and tips on Creative Live. I watched all day!

  • Michelle Sokolich

    Hi Hailey, thanks for all your passion and inspiration on Creative Live I am SO FIRED UP right now! :) As I’m shoot my 30 days movie (couldn’t wait till Feb to start, am too excited) I’m thinking it’s going to make a great showreel for my business…if I add gfx and my logo etc in can I still enter in the 30 days comp? It will still be 30 days of gratefulness but with added gfx. Thanks!!

  • Kate Paneros

    Hailey and Sue, you girls are the bee’s knees. I am going to attempt this. I couldn’t have a more action packed month nor one more worth capturing. I think I’d better start this weekend off by watching the CL videos I bought!

  • kathleen frank

    just uploaded and tweeted my video! eeeek! so excited to share, and cannot thank you enough for this awesome challenge. this little project turned into something that i will just cherish and a reminder of how blessed i am. :)