Sydney portrait – Me & Megan

I was so excited to fly to Sydney and do a portrait session with this gorgeous couple, Megan and Jason.

The amazing thing about these two is they are making a doco film about their relationship and working away from each other for a whole year! Jason is staying in Sydney and Megan has already left on a year long trip to Ethiopia to do volunteer work. It’s a great story and I am really looking forward to following them here:

If you go to the facebook page you can already see a couple video stories on the whole process and follow them as they take on this adventure. Jason is a great film maker and won Tropfest NY a couple of years ago with this amazing film:

Mankind is No Island

These shots below are for them but also for using in the PR and promo of the film.


  • Karen J

    These are amazing Hayley. They are a gorgeous couple. Good luck with your film (and the next year) Megan and Jason!

  • Jason van Genderen

    Hailey – I’m speechless with what you captured in this shoot with Megan and I… you’ve frozen moments in time that we will cherish forever, across 12,653km. You’re not just a talent, you’re a freak of nature.

  • Fernando & Gang

    Sun Flare is just the best! Super cute photos and story.

  • Christine Pobke

    These are soooooo wonderful! LOVE the session – their story is so beautiful as are they! :) xoxo

  • Georgia

    I think this may be my favourite couple shoot thus far! GORGEOUS. So stunning. Make me want to move away from Errol for a year just to get some amazing photos like this! I keep thinking you’re as talented as you can be, but I am wrong! Love love love these. Especially the processing on the last ones…. WOW.

  • amanda waltman

    that sunlight on the last few is so yummy! these are all such beautiful photos! :)

  • Karen Buckle

    Stunning amazing LOVEly work – so colourful and personal – i Adore your work!

  • {ash}

    I love the way you use light. My favorite are the last 4. so beautiful.

  • Han and nic

    Oh these are so lovely! Makes me a little teary thinking of what this gorgeous couple will go through being apart for a whole year…wow. What a beautiful bunch of pics to look at every time things are hard and they are missing each other. Good luck Megan and Jason, hope the year is busy and quick and you are cuddling again like this soon!!!

  • Kim Selby

    Gorgeous Session, Gorgeous couple. Beautiful job. Love these.

  • mare

    amazing picture.. as always

  • Shannon

    What a gorgeous shoot – I love the big black and white one, she has such a lovely smile. And what a brave couple :)

  • Sarah Black

    So lovely Hailey, I adore the two larger ones just up from the bottom.

  • Akshay Nathani

    the last 4 pics …wow wow wow…
    have been dyin to click such pics.. !
    love ya work :)
    cheers :)

  • wu

    I love those pics. They make me smile:)Thank You.

  • Nick Rose

    Amazing shoot – love the blue tile shots and the sunset ones!
    Really nice work here!