Last week I photographed a couple of gorgeous sisters, Emma and Hannah. The photos are a birthday present for their mum. They were a delight to photograph – up to anything and boy do they have contagious smiles!!

  • e.darcy

    they are such gorgeous girls, what a wonderful birthday gift for their mama. such creative shots!!

  • Robyn Geering

    hey Hailey, what an amazing shoot you had, just love your creativity. Love your new blog to, and thought I could help you christen it. I have just tagged you. Visit to find out more.

  • bene

    what gorgeous photos, and girls!!!

    love this first one!! 😀

  • Georgia

    Love the last two. That girl has the most contagious smile!

  • Renee Bell

    wow wow wow!!!! Love the pics, gorgeous girls, gorgeous location… and those wings again!!!

  • she saw things {jen}

    crazy cool! i dream of my kids someday doing something like this for me!!!!!