Pedzi & Julia – engagement photography

I am sorry to say blogging has been very neglected lately. We are busy and keeping up is harder then I thought it would be! I am off to the U.S next week so maybe a little slow over this time too.

Also in other news the website is down because a new one is Nearly ready! Some delays because a crazy person decided to re-brand our business…. 😉 New look and logo coming soon.

In the meantime… photos!

I have a number of ideas that I have been busting to do, waiting for just the right people…

When I met Julia, I had a feeling I would be able to convince her and her lovely fiance, Pedzi to let me do THIS idea!

Thanks guys!! You are both sooo brave and wonderful!! I think your life together is going to be great fun and I am sure with smiles like yours you will bring lots of laughter and delight wherever you go.

We both totally enjoyed hanging out with you two and can’t wait for the BIG day!!

Pretty and very tidy images coming soon. For now I leave you with my favorites.


  • Kristin

    Um… Yeah… this inspires me to think totally different about photography.
    Love this!!! the color, the brightness, beautiful!!

  • Hailey

    thanks everyone for the lovely blog love!

    I just wanted to say lens protection was VERY important and I used the very fancy and latest in technology – plastic bag. 😉

  • McKenzie

    These are pretty fantastic! What a brilliant idea!

  • Thom

    Some of the best I’ve ever seen.

  • Larry

    Gorgeous work. What kind of paints were they using?

  • Amma

    Simply amazing – fantastic shots!

  • Angie

    This is amazing!!! So different and unique – I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!
    Fantastic, amazing work!!!!

  • Alanna

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! Hayley you are AMAZING!! AMAZING I TELL YA WOMAN! You certainly have a wonderful gift. WOW! Im speechless =)

  • Akshay Nathani

    just wow !!
    amazing pics…n amazing creativity too :)
    JUst wondering how much creativity u have in ya pocket dynamite head :!)
    Will be waiting for ur next posts..n ya m a regular visitor now of this page…
    all the best hailey :)

  • Kate@MagnoliaRouge

    These are just incredible!! So vibrant and fun – LOVE your work!

  • BENJ

    these are incredible.

  • Kyle

    I just died and went to creative photography heaven. LOVE this!!!

  • geisslein

    This is SOOO GREAT! I REALLY REALLY LOVE THIS! Great pictures, great idea!
    Have a lovely day today! Greetings from sunny germany, geisslein

  • Sam Pearce

    wowsers! you are amazing, I love your free mind!

  • Jessica Monnich

    GORGEOUS!I love the color of the paint/chalk. They really stand out!

  • Amanda Thorson

    This is one of the best couple shoots I have ever seen!

  • Fliss

    We’ve been wanting to do this for ages – paint fight and photos, but we still haven’t figured out where (environment/laws wise). Any tips?

  • Sarah

    These are beautiful, what a wonderful use of colors. Where on earth did you find the paints? I’ve been looking for them everywhere.

  • alpana

    these are SO fun and remind me of Holi- the indian festival.

  • Marie

    I really like the idea to go out of the traditionnel pictures. Very nice work, and a beautiful couple.

  • AmyPunky Photography

    I love this!!!!!

  • Kat Braman

    this is unreal! love love love.

  • Colin

    What a brilliant idea! I’ve seen someone rip this off but not as good as the original ;D

  • Kristen

    this is too awesome – great work!

  • stephy-lou

    amazing. really really really beautiful!!!

  • kristi wright


  • Jeff L.

    What an amazing idea! Maybe I missed it (I tried to read through the comments pretty thoroughly) but what is the colored powder you were using? It’s not that I want to steal your idea… OK, yes it is! :-) Help a fella out, please!

  • Anna

    These are absolutely brilliant! Love the vivid colors and how you captured the emotions.

    Feel really inspired by thee idea too. What kind of paint did you use? Already looked around ebay a bit but couldn’t really find anything that would work. And also, how much of the powder did you need for the shooting?

    Thanks and cheers!

  • Cherron

    These are brilliant!!

  • viv @ the eclectic life

    these are so-ooooooo absolutely brilliant! i love the vibrant colors, the playfulness between the gorgeous couple, and the finish of your photos. seriously, A-MAZING job!

  • Kismet

    If the colours dont add the vibrancy (is that a word?!), the couple makes up for it with their amazing energy! Awesome photos!

  • Kayla Henley

    This is so much fun! Love how you captured their love and personality! Where did you find this paint/chalk? I am wanting to do this for a shoot of me and my husband!!!

  • Kelsey

    I am going to do something similar to this for my friend & her boyfriend! we found this & fell in love! absolutely amazing idea!