Natural waterbirth of Theo

Here is a birth video I did recently. The natural waterbirth of my newest Nephew… Theo.

Georgia is my little sister, she is also the most AMAZING mum I know. She is married to Errol, a lovely partner and beautiful support during this birth. She has two cute cute babies and delights and writes about them here on her blog.
Please go check out her blog… it is so inspiring!

I don’t think there is anything more amazing or more of a privilege to witness than the birth of a child.. To be able to film and photograph births makes me so happy! I am completely honored whenever someone hires me to do this. If your interested in having your birth filmed or photographed please do email me. You can see another one here…

While this is a birth video do not FEAR. Breasts and breastfeeding but otherwise discreet. Also here are a few images to tell the story…



  • Sarah H

    My husband and I both cried watching this! It’s so absolutely beautiful and inspirational. Great work to mama and videographer!

  • Elizabeth (@claritychaos)

    Just found your blog via a link from this birth video that my midwife had posted on her facebook page. I sit here with tears streaming down my face watching this beautiful birth. I had three water births myself, and the way in which you captured the beauty and the enormity that is labor and birth is stunning. I am so moved by this.

  • Mikaela

    I love her automatic “I love you”, that was so, so beautiful! She’s such a beautiful mama. Gorgeous little baby and husband. Congratulations :)

  • Jamie

    I am trying to type but the tears just keep rolling…. I have 3 weeks to go with my first bub and am booked in with the birth centre and a friend sent me this site after having a photo session with Lana from LITTLE POSES.

    I can not thank you enough for sharing this! It was breathtakingly beautiful i wept tears of joy (and hope for myself) through the whole thing.
    I have seen videos of several births but yours was just so touching and beaytiful-the sort of birth I am aiming for!

    My words are just not doin my feelings justice so I will stop blabbing and just say a huge huggable deep felt THANK YOU for sharing your joy with a complete stranger. Good luck with life and may the Gods or the Fairies or just your beautiful children rain happiness on you forever!

  • Beth

    :*) !!!!!! I wish i pics&video of my two being born so sweet! <3

  • Sarah

    I don’t think I have ever seen a more beautiful birthing video. You are so incredibly talented.

  • http://www.reflectphotography.coma.u Sallyanne

    So beautiful words are not enough.
    What an amazing little journey.
    Thank you all for sharing it in such a beautiful way.
    The love you all share shines through these amazing images.
    It is a difficult thing to show the beauty and enormity that is the journey of giving birth…. but you have nailed it. My heart overflowed as did my tear ducts. My babies (8 & almost 6) will be getting extra special snuggles tonight.
    Thank you.

  • AM

    What an amazing way to start my day. Thankyou to your sister for allowing you to share such a beautiful time with all of us and congratulations to you for your beautiful and heartfelt story telling.

  • Eades Family

    13 months ago we had our 1st homebirth. After watching this beautiful video I want nothing more than to have someone video our next birth. Any birth videographers in the North Texas area?

  • Hailey

    Thanks everyone for the beautiful comments. It is so good to hear that you enjoyed and were touched by this amazing birth. NOthing more beautiful I think maybe?


  • lilia

    Still quite possibly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen…what a gift.

  • tea

    so i need to know what music this is in the video as well… it was perfectly chosen and now i want to be able to weep everytime i hear it much as i did with this video. amazing amazing work.

  • Hailey

    hi Tea,
    The music is by the artist Daniel Dixon. The song is SPRING. Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Sharnel

    One of the most beautiful things i’ve ever watched.

  • Brooke

    Thank you for sharing this…this is beautiful. Certainly puts my mind at ease for our nextone :o)

  • Fliss

    So precious. Beautifully done. Aside from being such a great memory maker, it perfectly illustrates the naturalness of birth, birth centres, and a midwife’s care and competence (I’m a little biased as I think she is is the most wonderfully talented midwife on the planet).

    I love Priya touching Theo’s foot. That’s such a simple moment to catch.
    Loving your blog.

  • Suzanne

    My deepest regret is that I have no video or photographs of my two children’s births. I was feeling “modest” at the time, but now see how the emotion and beauty can be so perfectly captured without any immodesty whatsoever. If we have a third, I will definitely be hiring someone to capture everything on video and hopefully make something as wonderful as this. You have given your sister the greatest gift that exists in the world by helping her to keep these moments for all time.

  • Charmaine Otto

    Oh my goodness. I’ve only just stumbled on your blog and I am in absolute AWE! That video had me be bawling in seconds. So raw and emotional…
    Your working just stunning. I’m so glad i found you..
    Char :)

  • Charmaine Otto

    Omg, i just realised who you are on flickr! I feel ashamed….

  • Beka

    Oh my word.
    This was amazing.
    So beautiful!
    Ah, it all made me cry:)

    Oh, and what a wonderful day to be born on–the 13th of February… my birthday, too, and I was the first home birth for my family:)

  • Emma

    This was so beautiful. I bawled :) like the good happy bawling hehe you are very talented!

  • Sarah

    I would love to know if this is the birth centre at RBWH?

  • Tracy

    This is so so beautiful. I was able to capture the same for the birth of my sister’s 2nd child – my little nephew in photographs. In hindsight, I should have also filmed it too. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the actual birth as she had to go into the ward but it was an amazing experience nonetheless. Love your work!

  • al

    So beautiful. Tears rolling down my cheeks, what a lovely piece of work for Theo to see when he is bigger. x

  • Midwife International

    Wow, this is such a beautiful experience! Thank you for sharing such a raw, beautiful and vulnerable moment! Waterbirthing is an incredible aspect of natural birthing. Sheila Kitzinger shares her incredible wisdom on the healing effects of waterbirth

  • Suzane

    Four years ago, I left a comment here about how if I ever had another child, I would be doing this. Well, I did!!!!!! Thank you for the inspiration :-)

  • Chris

    My wife just had a natural water birth and it was amazing. Difference is that I wasn’t trying to get in the pool with her =D My two year old was there with us. Anyways, great video, I’d like to share ours with you.