Kass & Ben wedding at Coorabella, Byron Bay

Here is a delightfully fun wedding, the last wedding we photographed for 2010!

Kass and Ben are extremely creative and with the team from Coorabella and Byron Bay wedding and events there was sooo much to photograph!

The Indian/Gypsy/Bohemian theme was inspiring and suited me to a tee!! (I love colour!! ;)) The Byron Bay region might just be my favourite place to photograph weddings!!

Hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed taking them!

  • http://www.jenniferstocksphotography.com.au Jen Stocks

    Well that sure is a lot of awesome right there. They made the right decision getting you to capture it. Everything is so beautiful, So perfect

  • http://www.michelledupont.com.au/blog Michelle Dupont

    wow – super fantastic beyond words!!! LOVE all the color and energy xx

  • Liz Scopel

    That is just fabulous! And such a perfect wedding for you to shoot! You have captured such fun :)

  • http://blog.featherandstone.com.au Tenielle

    These are DIVINE!!! What a BEAUTIFUL couple, beautiful family, stunning from start to finish, i love the personality they’ve injected and these photos are full of pure joy. Just so lovely to see!!

  • Hannah

    WOW There aren’t enough words to describe how beautiful and wonderful these are, your day looks magical and like a fairytale :)

  • Peta

    so manny wonderful, happy images!

  • Elysia Humphries

    How fabulous! We can’t wait for you to shoot our wedding at coorabella! We’re going there this weekend to plan the flowers with Estelle the french petal. The big fig tree closest to the house fell down last week, guess we’re getting married under the other one! xx

  • http://jonaspeterson.com Jonas Peterson

    Three thumbs up!

  • http://www.thorsonphotography.com Amanda Thorson

    This is a visual feast, all the colours…its is beautiful!

  • http://www.pobkephotography.com/blog Christine

    holy moly. golly ms molly!! me love love loves!!! how gorgeous is the couple? and how talented are you, my friend? you are amazing. just amazing.

  • http://www.timtabstudios.com/blog/ tim tab

    freaking fantastic!

  • http://www.gemmacarr.com.au/blog Gemma

    you guys killed it! The shots under the tree, my faves – so good!

  • http://www.loriportka.com Lori

    Hailey, your pictures make me SWOON!!! Absolute GORGEOUSNESS. The joy! The love! It is amazing how you capture it.

  • http://www.sydneyportraits.com.au Tom

    Good lord. That must be the world’s most colourful wedding! Beautifully captured!

  • http://www.sarahblackphotography.com.au/blog sarahb

    This is beyond beautiful. Incredible and joyous and filled with love and light and dance.

  • http://kellycolsonphotography.blogspot.com/ Kelly

    very beautiful collection of photos. they seem so happy :)

  • RoseandRuby

    Oh my goodness, these have to be the best wedding images I have ever seen. The colours, the fun, the moments, the love all of the beautiful day. fabulous xox

  • http://N/A karen

    I Love these – captures the day, the people and the love. I hope you produce many more peices of work such as this

  • http://www.caughtthelight.com Chloe

    Well, wow. This feels like multicoloured love in photographic form.