It is now that my life is mine.

This little film and story has taken me far longer to complete than I care to admit. However I’m believing that things come together at just the right time. 😉

Here is the story of Amy Gill – it’s one that inspires me daily.



Sometimes less writing and more watching is better… I hope you enjoyed Amy’s story and I really hope this reaches the ones who need it most.


Hugs and gratefully yours,



  • Jenne Vazquez

    Tears in my eyes yet again Hailey, thank you! I’m so happy to have found you and your giving spirit. Your passion for film, delightfulness and people has been so incredibly inspiring. Hope to get to meet you some day.

  • Hailey

    thanks so much Jenne,

    Glad you enjoy the work we put out! Really encouraging to hear that! Huge hugs and warmest!!

  • Lynelle Madison

    Just Beautiful Hailey. I saw this on Vimeo this afternoon and thought, this has to be one of yours, sure enough, it was. You continue to inspire us to be grateful, to seek happiness and to focus on what is actually important in life. Thanks again for the film inspiration to capture these precious moments in a way that when we watch them, we are touched deeply. Lynelle

  • xanthe

    It’s wonderful Hailey… you are magic :)

  • Misty

    Hailey you are a source to be reckoned with. I work everyday on the things you have taught me. Today I woke up tired and not wanting to “do” today. I thought to myself, I will just be sad today. I then watched this film. You are such a gift and today I will be grateful. Just a wonderful film. Thank you.

  • Kev

    Makes you appreciate life even more, even more. Keep inspiring the world Hailey.