India.. when can I come back?

I have so many photos from India I don’t know what to do!

I have to keep most of the work I was doing there a little bit under wraps for now but will tell more about that soon!! I can’t wait to show you the beautiful stories and people I met with while in India. But for this post, a few shots from my travels.

When I arrived in Delhi I had a sense that I was about to go on a great adventure.

I was so right! Everything about India was remarkable!

From crazy driving to being lost in the middle of the night… from staying in strange ‘hotels’ with pre-warmed beds to walking down hills so steep it would be easier to slide down… to sitting with inspiring women and watching their eyes light up as they excitedly talk about how they help their communities… from slums to villages to the tailor who made me laugh and offered me loads of Chai. From the girl I scared and made her drop the water that took her 1.5hrs to get… to the dogs that scared me at night and made me grab my friends hand in terror – to the stunning women of India who are elegant and beautiful even while draped precariously on the back of crazy fast scooters.

ADVENTURE was had. In fact of all the countries I’ve been to I have never felt so connected and delighted with a country before.

So thank you India for inspiring me. For a sense of perspective that can only come from having lunch in a house the size of my laundry. For the colour and people who made my stay fantastic. Thank you! “Achchacha”

  • Liz

    Beautiful images, gorgeous colour!!
    I love the expression of the gorgeous lady in the first image.

  • Jess

    I was so excited when you wrote you were going to India… I couldn’t think of a better person to capture the colour & vibrancy that is India & its people- can’t wait to see more!

  • http://awesomeloveyouworkcantwaittoseemore!!!!Xo coby

    I love them all – so many special memories we will never forget thank you amazing woman for sharing your eyes with us!!!!

  • Elli

    Gorgeous images- love those strong blues and turquoises

  • sandy

    I have never cared to visit India…until now.

  • Carrie Walton

    Hailey, AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING. I can’t wait to see more. xx

  • Tenielle

    SO amazing Hailey… much colour and life, I adore these images! It’s making me all the more hungry to go see it for myself. Can’t wait to see more!!!! :)

  • Jannette

    Ah! :) amazing amazing! That pic in the middlish looks like a model that Charlie would make of a town! and colour colour and more colour. Gorgeous.

  • Han

    Incredible!! Of course, but wow. What an experience, you must have discovered so much. Keen to hear and see more of your journey!

  • Adam

    GREAT! All GREAT! You’re very talented! Thank you for going on this trip with Coby.

  • Rachel

    I’ve always wanted to go to India — you make me want to go all the more!

  • NaomiJ

    Absolutely beautiful. I’ve heard it said that India is the most photogenic country in the world, and your shots certainly back that up in the most convincing way. I adore your style of photography in all respects, but ESPECIALLY love these. Look forward to seeing more.

  • Kirsty-Abu Dhabi

    Awesome – I always say India is my favourite place in the world to photograph because it hits you full on in all 5 senses – thanks for these fabulous images that just transported me back there….

  • sheetal thakker

    I think you’ve showcased my country beautifully! Even the simplest of things look special. Thank you for working magic in showing India. Love it (:

    And yes, you need to come back for more!

  • PB

    Hi Hails,
    Nice photos, really captures the beauty of India.
    Can’t wait till I go back there too 😉

  • angela

    wowzer Hailey – I love the flint in their eyes, the smiles on their faces and the incredible colours… you are so clever xx

  • jodi

    unbelievably beautiful hailey. every step must have been inspiring – all that colour and ritual. Lucky you!

  • xanthe

    oh Hailey, I just knew India through your lens would be a feast for the eyes. You made it look amazing, wow those colours!. I can’t wait to go one day, it’s on my list for sure. Hope you’re well x.

  • michelle

    Your photographs are so inspiring to me, i love the vibrant colours, the angles you shoot and the pure LOVELINESS of the indian lady with glasses shows your passionate heart ! i am also in love with the rooftop pic :)

  • kim

    so beautiful. wow. thanks for sharing

  • Rachel (Piper_H)

    Amazing Hailey! We’re so used to living our own lives, in our own reality, that it’s hard to imagine a place like this. Thank you for sharing these photos. They’re gorgeous.

  • Janet Pogorelc

    Hailey these are stunning! What a beautiful country! You must have had a ball!

  • sarah wheeler

    it looks like an amazing trip! beautiful, beautiful photos!!

  • Jessie

    Oh my goodness, Hailey! These are AMAZING!!!!!

  • Sera

    These are simply beautiful. I was in India and these photos express my experiances as well. Are you selling any prints of your time there?

  • Laura

    Amazing! I love your work! You are so inspiring!

  • lize

    Amazing pictures! I love photos of old people, with their deep eyes tell a lot of things. Are fantastic also pictures with significant details of people, you can understand how they live. Great work!

  • Adel

    Myself and a friend want to go next year march. I have a box where i keep all my india wishes…i think i am going to print this out and remind myself why i am saving loads of money to go. Your photographs are wonderful…and you just made my day with this blog!

  • akshay nathani

    Couldn’t believe that you have captured our country so well !
    Amazed by the clicks ! pops up just one word in my mind “Awesome” !
    Hats off Hailey :)

  • Benson

    I am so glad I came across your blog today… You have a gift and I wish we could all see the world with your eyes. And with a sampling of the photos above, we can. Thank you Hailey! :-)

  • FabulousTerrah

    Wow, what stunning images! I believe you captured the essence of India BEAUTIFULLY.

  • Katie

    These are beautiful! I really need to get to India!

  • haley grayless

    Hi, Hailey, I’m Haley! I actually live in Delhi, India as an American ex-pat, and I LOVE YOUR PICTURES. I’m a beginner when it comes to photography, and I just purchased my first DSLR. I own a Canon T1i with the kit lens and 75-300mm zoom lens. Could you just let me know what lens you used for most of your pictures (or which ones you’d recommend)? Also, if you would sell any of these photos as prints? Thanks! Feel free to email me–

  • Cara

    Gorgeous photos, Hailey! Is that you in the green dress? Xoxo

  • India Tour

    your pictures are fantastic! some great shots. where in india were these taken?