I love this wedding!

Jess and Dana are a total delight to photograph!! We had the best time with the engagement session and I was really looking forward to their wedding. True to expectations it was GREAT!

They had a vintage feel to the wedding and we shot their creative shots at a local bowls club. (with lawn bowlers!!) Hope you enjoy seeing this creative couple and their special day.

I have had a really hard time choosing which images to blog….

Lets start with Dana and his super cool retro style suit.


This is one of my favorite favorites!!img_7924








My little ‘ode’ to the Beatles….


and then it was onto the fantastic reception with a wonderful band from Melbourne.


Check them out!! They are brilliant and inspired EVERYONE to get into the dancing. I believe I was even dancing while photographing…..


  • Rachel

    Oh man. What an awesome wedding. Looks like a lot of fun. I adore all of these shots.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/la_mariana/ Mariann

    I love these photos! Seems like such a great wedding and couple, and you captured it beautifully!

    I saw your video with this couple a few weeks ago on flickr. Not only did I fall in love with it and the music, but I showed it to my family, and my sister exclaimed “THAT is the kind of relationship I want”. And when you manage to capture something like that, and make someone on the other side of the world “feel it”, well, then I’d say you’re an AMAZING photographer. So I’m sure this couple has no regrets booking you for their wedding 😀

  • Esther

    Hailey – these are unbelievable – everything about them is awesome. Too clever are you. I just love them – now want to have a retro wedding and photos at the bowls club!!

  • Georgia

    Oh man. I LOVE EVERYONE OF THESE SOOOO MUCH. I want to put them up in my house and it wasn’t even my wedding! hahah. GORGEOUS. Love LOVE LOVE them. They are going to be blown away with happiness. I love the ones of Jess and Michelle where their eyes are sooo blue!

  • bene

    i adore the beatles tribute one. SO brilliant. :)
    but they’re all great. Hailey, you’re wonderful.
    Jess and Dana’s wedding looks like it would’ve been so much fun!
    sooooo beautiful!

  • http://crookedshmooked.blogspot.com Heidi Jo

    These are amazing… makes me want to get married all over again. I did a little write-up about your blog over on mine the other day> http://crookedshmooked.blogspot.com/2009/06/you-cant-be-serious.html I hope you don’t mind. I am loving your photography!! You are one talented lady! : )

  • http://www.bwphotography.pl/blog B&W Photography

    We love this wedding’s photos, too. It’s really really great and stunnig!!

  • http://www.innerpickle.com.au Fiona

    these are THE BEST wedding pics I have ever seen in my entire life and I think I might have to chuck my husband just so I can get married again and get your guys to shoot it. DIVINE. And I can’t bloody believe I’ve just left Brisbane for Sydney. Next time we’re back for a visit I’m booking you to do a family photo shoot. Awesomeness.


  • rachel

    These are beautiful! I stumbled across this in the vintage glam wedding blog and I can’t believe how adorable the bride and groom look and how gorgeous the colors in the pictures turned out. You did such a great job of capturing this. I am thinking of modeling my hair around Dana’s hairstyle, after seeing this I fell in love! Do you happen to have any shots of them from the back? lol.

  • http://taniamccartney.blogspot.com/ Tania McCartney

    God, how utterly gorgeous.