I found this today

And I had to put it somewhere…. so here it is.
Our baby and our bigger baby.
At the time of this photo I truly believed that this nappy driven… sleep deprived, crazy life we were living was going to last forever and a day and to be honest I was a bit nervous about that.
The truth is it really did pass so quickly. Too fast. People told me it would but I didn’t believe them!
Poppy turns 10 this year and Zali is 13 in just a few days. (she has her own blog over here) They are amazing people who I am totally inspired by but boy would I rather like to hold these two tiny people again!!

shot on film in 2003.

  • http://www.robyngeeringphotography.com Robyn Geering

    I totally know how you feel, although I am just loving watching my older two spread their wings just a little further each day, because they are doing it in such a graceful way, and it is so exciting to watch. Mind you, I know I wont be feeling this way when Harriet hits her teens lol. (actually, I am worried about her becoming a teen full stop lol). BTW, I can’t believe how chubby Poppy is – so cute

  • http://www.wonderfulifeproductions.com Julia

    Hi Hailey! Saw your creativeLIVE, was blown away!!! Your daughter’s blog is amazing, she is a truly charming girl and I am adding her to my reading list. She has more interesting stuff to say than a lot of adults! 😉

  • http://www.japartsphotography.com Jennifer Parlant

    Hailey, this post brought a little tear to my eye, just beautiful words and sentiment. I understand completely. Mine are 18 and 20…HOW???..and I too just would love to hold their little sleepy weights again! Your work is pure! So glad to have met you via Sue and CL.