Hailey’s gear list

I’m often asked what gear I use to shoot fusion videos, so I thought it would be helpful to put together a list especially for you!

 Camera equipment

Canon 5dm3

Canon 5dm2

35mm lens 1.4L

24mm lens 1.4L

50mm lens 1.2L

45tilt shift

135mm lens 2.0L

Camera straps are neoprene (from ebay)


Software I use

Final Cut Pro – (now superseded by Final Cut X)

Photo Mechanic

Adobe Photoshop


Digital storage

Hoodman CF cards and reader

G-RAID drives from G-Technology


Steady devices

Manfrotto Fig Rig

Merlin Steadicam

Manfrotto Monopod

Miller Tripod


Sound equipment

Zoom with lapel mics

RØDE on-camera mic when needed

  • Nancy

    Hi Hailey, I just caught a little bit of your shoot with balloons and paint on Creative Live! It’s great! I’m looking to switch from my Nikon gear to Canon and want to start doing video. Would you be able to narrow down your gear list to recommend a few select pieces to start with? Which camera model and lens would be good to start doing basic video with? Thanks!