Go mighty!

A few weeks ago I had not even heard about Go Mighty. It is a crazy cool site for helping people reach their life goals.

Now because of the guys from Go Mighty, and their sponsors, I find myself here.

Hamilton Island.

With two amazing women.

Karen Walrond is someone I have heard of and seen and admired on the interwebs for ages and it is totally a delight to finally meet this gorgeous soul! Also to meet Maile who is beyond amazing and just as lovely as she is successful!! I can’t believe how lucky I am to get to spend a couple days chatting about life and taking photos in such an amazing place!!!

yours gratefully!!!

  • http://www.inspiredbyemma.com Emma

    How awesome!!! I dream to travel to amazing places to capture fabulous stories too one-day! And I’m grateful to you… for inspiring me [to be greateful, live my dream, and allow my creativity to flow]…

  • maile

    Meeting you was one of the best highlights of Australia. So happy to see everything with your book unfold, too! You deserve every good thing! xo