Franki magazine and writting a script!

Just wondering if anyone saw my article for Frankie Magazine?

This is my most most favorite magazine so I love to get an article in it!! Love to hear if anyone read it and what you thought?


Alsooo many thanks to all those who took time to vote on our film ‘Getting Dad’ here.

We are the audience vote!!!! Which means Mum and I have 2 weeks to write a script and submit for review. All 21 finalists will submit 1 script and from these doorpost will pick 5 of these scripts to fund!!! Very excited also right in the thick of writing script…. Amazing competition with some very talented amazing directors/writers!!

  • Georgia

    Wow! ANOTHER article. Frankie loves you! This is great. I didn’t see it yet but can’t wait to have a read. Also can’t wait to see how you go with your next short film!

  • deb schwedhelm

    wow, wow, wow! another article AND the audience vote. i’m so very excited for you and can’t see where this takes you. super congratulations — so very, very happy for you.


  • Robyn Geering

    congratualtions again. You are such an inspiration to me. Hugs to you.

  • Lisa

    Hi I read it and really loved it Lisa

  • Elizabeth

    I read it and loved it! I even went out and bought the Lomox4 straight after from Ebay, real cheap. Can’t wait to experiment with it.

  • Errol

    You know I was out grocery shopping the other day and saw this issue and it reminded me of the last time you were in it. Lo and behold if only I had flicked through it I may have very well seen that you were in it again. “You go girl!” — Quote taken from a certain little miss that stayed over on the weekend

  • Madeleine

    YES I did!!! i had to blink and look again. I was pleasantly surprised I had not going cookoo.
    My favorite section in frankie is were they write a little about different products on a particular subject, so this edition was a double thumbs up 😀

  • Summer

    Hi there,

    I did notice your article, and know of you because you are Georgia’s big sis and also my folks were involved with your mum in Heart of Gold. Well done, you article was great and informative and well written. Good for you! Summer x

  • Mikaela

    hey!! I happened to be so lucky as to see this, when I was in Brisbane visiting a few friends.
    Being a big photo-nerd, this caught my interest, and I was going to write down the names of all the cameras you mentioned since they all caught my interest, but then I forgot all about it and now I’m back in Norway, and without the magazine!

    If you could be so kind as to send me an email and tell me the names of the cameras, I’d be ever so grateful. There was one in particular that caught my interest extra much, that I might even want to purchase. Thanks!!