Family portrait fun!

I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing this lovely little family on Mothers DAY.

We shot in a park I have never been before and it was packed!! Super fun park and I highly recommend it!

Brisbane Riverside Park in Seventeen Miles Rocks. Go check it out!

It was a delight to follow Paul, Kim and little Sarah around.

First up lets celebrate this motherhood connection! I love these kind of sweet moments shared. Happy Mothers DAY Kim!


Also love this long tufts weedy grass stuff! Does anyone know what this plant is called?? I need a yard full of it!


Lastly a shot that will sum up life with an active toddler!! So cute and she is a very fast mover!!


  • Kim


    It’s so exciting to see these shots! They are all SO GOOD. I am now very keen to see the rest of them. Thanks again for a wonderful shoot.


  • Grandpa John

    Hailey, great photos. I’m amazed you got Sarah to stay still long enough!! The grass is called ‘fountain grass’ and there is a red version called red (or purple) fountain grass. John

  • hailey

    Glad your enjoying these Kim!
    Thanks John for the tip with the grass!!!

  • Pappa

    I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos. I love the shot of Sarah top right hand side and the “grass” one.