face that fear!

I have never been a big fan of photographing with an audience! Actually I would say I have avoided this mostly! However this last week I managed to face that fear head on!! I did a shoot LIVE with a big crew and and audience…. the wonderful thing is I totally found my zone! 😉
I am rather pleased with myself. It was an amazing experience being on creativeLIVE. The team at creativeLIVE could not be more wonderful! I felt right at home! So grateful to get such an amazing experience and to meet so many lovely people!

We are traveling a bit now but I am going to do a little edit of the fusion video I also shot. Just so you can see what we were working on.
For now here are my two favorite stills.

Do you know what creativeLIVE is? Check out the workshop I taught with Sue Bryce online here!

  • Amy

    That was such a fun shoot! I learned so much from you and Sue those few days. Thank you for all the work you put in to it!

  • Tara

    Hailey do you mind my asking what shutter speed you use to freeze the action so perfectly?? Thank you, these have inspired me!!

  • http://www.lesphotographies.com Marty

    My ha ah! moment was the whole filming part, I was not aware what was wrong with me lately until I saw the result of your video and what it did to me. I realized just shooting stills was not passion enough for me anymore. I have a lot of work and learning in front of me but THANK YOU! so much for sharing! I bought the creative live class and will be working hard on getting results similar to yours only with my own style! xx

  • Caylee

    Loved you and Sue on creativeLIVE ~ so inspiring! Thank you for sharing your talent with us. :)

  • Darren

    It was amazing to share the experience with you. I wish there were a way to bottle your passion and enthusiasm to share with those of us who wish we could do but are afraid to do.

  • http://www.RebeccaLewisSimplyStated.blogspot.com Rebecca

    Loved it!!! You did an outstanding job! Thank you for teaching me to see the world differently :)

  • http://www.xantheberkeley.com Xanthe

    You were ACE! SO SO good! (I owe you another email) Enjoy your travels, you deserve it xxxxx

  • http://Www.bighajjar.wordpress.com Nadim

    Hi I simply LOVE all what you do :) it’s great and it makes people feel good :)…. I put a link in my blog to yours if you don’t mind 😉

  • http://www.dananphotography.com Dana

    I am inspired to get a dslr with video now! My Canon 50d doesn’t have it! I loved your stop action video bits though and will try to make a short video with those and a little video from a Flip :) Thanks for the creative inspiration with the paint and balloons! So fun :) Enjoy your vacation. I hope you are touring the U.S. and that people are welcoming and nice :)

  • http://www.sabinapaulphotography.com Sabina Cotuna

    Hailey, you rocked that cL class! I got so inspired and already got to action for #30daysofgratitude. I’m soooo excited to see what I’ll find each day!! Today I found a new car with a red bow from my husband, outside our house. So grateful for an amazing and loving husband, and a new car that will now fit all of us (in-laws and all) + Kona, our dog beast! :)

  • http://www.gigiembrechts.com Gigi Embrechts

    Hailey, you gave me the bug. I can not wait to start the 30 day challenge. Loved your work and your workshop on Creative Live. Looking forward to seeing more.

  • http://www.alohaboudoir.com Kristie Kosmides

    I just finished your last video from CreativeLIVE and I wanted to say, “Thank you!” I’m a painter and have recently picked up a camera. I came across Sue’s class then yours. I am truly inspired by your style and approach and it is so refreshing to me as I a find the technical things sometimes difficult. I’ve started the 30-day challenge and I’m buzzing with excitement. Please keep me posted if you ever do a workshop in person…I would love to be there!

  • http://www.trinaberwick.com.au Trina Berwick

    Hi Hailey! Loved your Showreels on Creative Live! Just a quick question about these stills… Do you take them from your video or are they stills that you took while videoing? I was doing some video the other day and the stills I took in between are all soft, blurry and no where near sharp because of the video settings! Maybe I would be better off getting the stills from the video?? Once I learn how to do that :)