Don’t tattoo your kids face!

A couple of months ago while online, I found some temporary tattoo’s in the ‘Day of the Dead’ style. Brilliant I thought, and quickly purchased 3 packs.

Poppy was excited as I was and as soon as we were home we promptly set about tattooing her face. Which to be honest was harder then you would think. Once completed it LOOKED GREAT! (you can see a colour version on my IG feed here)

So I took a few photos and then I got back to work… but within an hour Poppy started getting a tad itchy and wanted the tattoos off her face.

So I set about trying to remove them. It was then I started to remember the previous times she had little temporary tattoos on her arms and how they had lasted weeks and weeks… actually I remember one that was there for a month and I had scrubbed it in the bath and it still would not come off. A slight panic set in…  (internally of course because I did not want to panic Poppy). I mean really, what responsible mum buys $3 tattoos and then puts them on their childs face!!!!! ;(

Feeling like mother of the year, I set about scrubbing and rubbing it off. This was not working. She started to cry and my panic started to show. Her face was red and sore and I was using everything I could think of to get it off.  Zali looked over -thankful she had opted to not have her face covered in tattoos.

Eventually after many tears (not just Poppy’s) it occurred to me to soak it for awhile, with a wet face cloth laid on her face to try to soften the tattoo. Thankfully, this worked! Along with lots of scrubbing and some oil too. She did have a red face but all in all we got off pretty lightly. It could have been there for a month!

I don’t think I’ll be using them again so I’m wishing I took more photos! heehee!

The moral of this story is Don’t Tattoo Your Kids Face! But if you happen to do this or something equally smart and it goes wrong, make sure you say sorry. Sorry is a good word and I use it lots and lots!

P.S. I just spoke with my lovely friend Rowe and it seems she heard of a child who had an allergic reaction to temporary tattoos and this made the black part of the tattoo stain his skin PERMANENTLY!!!  phew! glad that did not happen.

  • Louisa

    Oh my goodness Hayley, I was so feeling for you in this post and then you added Rowe’s comment and now I feel sick! Can you even imagine?!?!?!?!? So glad you shared the tip – it is definitely noted!!

  • Jannette

    Egadz! that was close hey? So good you got it all off…I mean swirls and flowers are one thing but a ‘day of the dead’ mask…geez…you’d WANT that to come off when you wanted it to come off (!) Poor Poppy! Little Angelina had a similar episode with temporary hair colour made of sugar…it got really sticky and I did the ‘don’t panic, it will ALL work out fine’ thing and then we panicked because it stained her scalp bright strawberry pink…, same also happened with face-painting exploits of late,…but the upshot was that coconut oil and a warm washer over it for a while also worked to get it off completely. Wil can’t stand any paint or tattoos on his skin, he gets an immediate reaction. Now when someone offers something like that we do a very small patch test before going the whole hog 😉 Love and Squishes…

  • Dare

    My son was very fond of placing temporary tattoos on his forehead right before big events like school concerts, family pictures etc. Tip: Scotch tape peels the tattoos right off without scrubbing! Just place strips of tape on the tattoo and pull. Then get the last little bits off with baby oil.

  • Hailey

    wow! thanks for all the good tips! Next time there will be no need to panic! 😉

  • Zoe

    I know that this will have been very traumatic, and I have done this with my son, who had a big dragon on his arm for well over two months, and thank goodness you got them off, but..this post did make me smile A lot. And I loved the title. I can say this because it all worked out in the end. So phew, and well done, and thanks for sharing it. :)