clay animation. on my funny family.

Poppy (my youngest daughter) has written a short story for a clay animation. It is sooo cute and we are NEARLY done!

Here are some pics to get you all excited!!

First pic has thought bubbles inspired by my favorite blogger!! Colour me Katie.






also here is a snippet of the making off this video:

Just some video I shot while we were shooting Poppy’s first clay animation. She wrote it…(5yrs old) Zali made the characters… (9yrs) and my sister and I shot it for them… with their help. (uhm!)

  • bene

    such fun making this with you!
    if you ever need help with another – i’m there!

  • Mariann

    Wow, you are amazing(all of you)! This is going to be such a fun and cute animation, I can tell! I had to scroll through this blog to find the other animation (apple tree), but when I did I had to watch it twice. Zali you are so talented! And Poppy, can’t wait to see yours.

    This is such a creative and fun project to do with kids. Probably alot of work, but what a great family project!

  • Robyn Geering

    awesome project, can wait to see the finished project

  • Rachel

    Eeeeee! I’m so excited!
    I seriously think everyone in your family is amazing and you all seem so sweet. I want to squeeze my monitor now :)

  • maria mrasek

    this is awesome. cant wait to see the movie! better yet can’t wait to show MY kids! The are going to lov it , since they LOVE Wallace and Grommet!

  • deb schwedhelm

    OH MY GOSH!!! i can’t get enough of you and everything you do. thanks for being inspiring beyond words. and yes, i definitely have a girl crush on you 😉

  • carol

    gasp!!! this is SOOOOO cute! oh gosh how many months did it take to make Hailey??! i love it to pieces, you are so clever and all soooo adorable (with your wonderful accents!)

  • Hailey

    how lovely! Thanks for all the kind comments and Carol – we worked on this on and off for about 2months. However probably be a weeks work if we just sat down and stuck to it!

  • jai

    Nice work and thinking….cool