Brisbane Band photography – FUSHIA

I had the best fun shooting Fushia’s new band stills!!! I love these guys – they let me try anything!! You can check them out here: wearefushia. You can also see here the music video we made for these guys late last year.

The weather has been rather unpredictable lately and this shoot was nearly cancelled due to rain. However we decided to push through with the grey overcast afternoon and shoot anyway. We had an hour of fun and then out from behind some clouds the sun suddenly appeared just for 10 minutes as it was setting and I got my sunflare shots with warm grass. Ahhh I was sooo pleased and thank the Gods for smiling on me!

Enjoy these guys. They are way WAY fun.


  • bene


  • Alanna

    WOOOOOWWWWW!! I LOVE these Hayley. You are soo amazing and deserve all the credit in the world for all your wonderful images! I just cant get enough!! AMAZING!

  • Salvo

    These photos are so awesome. Imaginative, creative, dynamic. Rock ‘n roll baby!

  • {ash}

    Hailey these totally rock!!!!!
    They are going to really love these and so are their fans!!
    great work once again.

  • fiona carson

    Oh Hailey, these are a-mazing! LOVE, love, love that first one, so creative. you rock!

  • Georgia

    These are amazing! awesome, awesome band shots. These guys must be so happy! Love them all but especially the b&w lot!

  • Robyn Geering

    these are nothing short of rockin – bad pun, they are so so totally awesome Hailey – the first one is brilliant

  • Fiona

    I think your photos cannot get any better then you post something like this.

    I have to move back to Brisbane to get you to take photos of my family. Have to. Have to. Have to.

  • Tim Tab

    hahahaha, love it! so much goodnes.

  • Fernando & Gang

    Hailey, awesome job!! Love the breaking glass/thingy one :) Super unique and cool.

  • Rachel

    Awesome photos! You have the best ideas and your work is always so amazing. I’m sure they were thrilled with these.

  • amanda waltman

    these are SO great! i am in love with the first shot…like seriously head over heels in love :)

  • Peta

    ack!! these are so awesome and so much fun!!

  • Terrah

    Love, love LOVE these! How friggin’ fun. Much love from Texas ~ Terrah

  • Sarah Wheeler

    these are positively awesome! they look like a super cool bunch of guys, wonderful fun work hailey!

  • Han and nic

    Bahaha POSERS!!! You can tell they all had an awful time getting their photo’s taken. Certainly no issues there with a bit of limelight – captured beautifully Hailey, you’ve done a great job!

  • Adrian T.

    OMG. I love these! Awesome.

  • BENJ

    that first one is amazing.

  • courtney

    hell cool pictures 😀

  • Band Photography

    these are excellent band photos! they are so vibrant :)

  • Photographer San Francisco

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  • Laura

    These are awesome.
    I love the idea with faces on the shirts.
    And the tones in all pictures are absolutely great. I love the wonderful sunlight.
    May I ask you something? Did you use a reflector or flash – especially for the last three pictures (against the sun)? Many inspired greeting from germany. Laura

  • Hugh

    Amazing photos. Photos like these always remind me there is so much more to learn and do with photography. Looked like a fun shoot as well!