A love that lasts

Tomorrow Andrew and I will have been married for 15 years…

To be honest when I walked down that aisle toward Andrew sooo many years ago I was a bit scared that I might be making an awful mistake. hahah! In fact to continue down the aisle I had to say to myself that ‘mistakes are ok to make’. (which I still think!)

However I was VERY lucky and instead, I have found that in this love we share, I have grown up and felt free to be fully myself. I wish this for everyone.

I have had a little project on my mind for a number of years and have stop-started it many times. With kids, work and travel and the balance of life/projects this one has been on hold for more time than I care to admit.

However I pushed through last week and finished this story.
I want to introduce you to a series I am working on about love.
This first one is from my dear friends Suse and Eric. They are some amazing people and whenever I am around them I feel totally inspired to look at life from a different angle. To push past the status quo and to really think. So I spent an afternoon with them to chat about that.

Let’s celebrate LOVE.


  • http://www.rowetimson.com rowe

    oh hailey… i know how much you have wanted to finish and share this gorgeous story… im so thankful you did! its so moving and heartfelt ~ i cried within moments of it starting! you are such a brilliant story teller and they are a beautiful couple! cant wait to see more!

  • Hailey

    thanks lovely! 😉 hugs and missing you!

  • http://www.toddhuntermcgaw.com.au/blog todd hunter mcgaw

    hailey… you are truly a most excellent human!! such a beautiful story being written for the last 42 years.. a thousand thank yous!!! 😀

  • http://www.toddhuntermcgaw.com.au/blog todd hunter mcgaw

    and congrats to you & the andrew!!!!!!!! ^_^

  • http://www.3annies.com Margo Plowright

    OMG I didnt realise it would be like this..i love this…they are a beautiful couple and so cute together…another fabulous project of yours…cant wait till the next one. xx

  • http://blog.alarnazinn.com/ Alarna Zinn

    Agree! Such a brilliant story teller! Loved this Hailey x

  • Hailey

    😉 hugs lovely!

  • Hailey

    😉 neither can I!

  • Hailey

    Dear Todd the feeling is mutual! love you and Alyda 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

  • Anya

    Hailey, you make everything you do seem amazing and effortless! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story, both you and Suse & Eric are an inspiration!

  • http://www.maandgrandy.com Tala

    Oh I love this so much Hailey. I could listen to suse and eric all day. Next time you see them – i want to come too!!!! Thanks for making my day….hopeful xo

  • http://www.RebeccaLewisSimplyStated.blogspot.com Rebecca

    Hailey, This is such a beautiful project. Thank you so much for sharing. Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary and many more years to Suse and Eric too. ~ Rebecca

  • Julianna

    WOW what a sweet couple you just want to give them BIG HUGS! much happiness to them…:)

  • Julianna

    Hailey you have a heart of gold and poured it in to your work, love many Blessings to you xo

  • Jennifer ParlantiJaparlanti

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful and heartfelt story. What a gorgeous couple, so completely themselves. The music was perfect, under the narration and loved your familiar shadows and walking shots. Congratulations on yours and Andrews anniversary, Wishing for you both, that you can laugh and tell each other how old you each are looking! :) you are a lovely soul Hailey.

  • Lisa

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!

  • Alison

    Love this gorgeous couple, love this little movie! What struck a chord & challenged me was when Suse said, she felt a lack of judgement was important. Erics lack of judgement allows Suse to be free, to be open & true to who she is as against putting a mask up for fear of being judged. So true. Such a beautiful lesson to me! You share in such a delightful way, that which you learn. Thank you beautiful soul!

  • Theodore Bryson

    Wow…I just came across this on my twitter feed. Very nice story, very inspirational. Wow…thanks for sharing this.

  • http://addiekidd.com Addie

    I have tears in my eyes, and I can’t wait to go hug my husband. Oh, what a lovely video. Their love is beautiful! Thank you for capturing it.

  • http://lizmceachernhall.zenfolio.com Liz

    I love these kinds of short films – real and most importantly a snapshot in time, something to treasure going forward. Not to mention all the beautiful advice and reflection! Just out of curiosity, what lens did you use to film this? I have the 35 1.4L and am getting the 50 1.2L this week.

  • dawn

    just beautiful!!!….your videography, your story telling, their soul-full lives! thank you for shining a light on a brilliant couple whose love only deepens….and whose carpets absorb imperfections. ; )

  • http://loriportka.com Lori

    OMG TEARS! They are the sweetest couple ever and I am so touched by this film. Then add in two greyhounds. Oh Hailey I am swooning over here. Thank you for this. Now I am going to grab a box of tissues. I adore you.

  • http://loriportka.com Lori

    Also happy anniversary to you and Andrew. Sending you both so much love. xoxo!

  • http://www.livinglens.com.au Emily

    Suse and Eric are a wonderful inspiration and I really needed that reminder to nurture love. Thank you Hailey and congratulations to you and Andrew on 15 years!!

  • http://www.lovewisdommotherhood.blogspot.com Rhiannon

    so many lovely reminders in this, thank you!

  • http://www.dananphotography.com Dana

    How beautiful! That is how it is with my husband and me. 23 years though! Only wish for 23 more :)

  • terry

    thanks! that was beautiful!

  • Amber

    I stumbled upon this and am so glad I watched the video! Suse and Eric are so cute and inspiring. I’m striving for that loving comfortableness they have with each other in my own great relationship. Thanks for sharing! :)

  • http://www.sarahblackphotography.com.au/blog sarah

    Well that was such a heartful thing to fall across at the end of a long day. Beautiful Beautiful. Thankyou.

  • http://www.komephotos.com Kome Parnell

    Hailey, I think through your storytelling and showing us all a bit of you and thoughts you have definitely contributed in giving us all the tools to strive to be better in ourselves, business, ideals.. heck.. just to strive to be better than we are.. I thank you for that..:)

  • Hailey

    hi Kome, Gee that is a lovely comment to wake up to. 😉
    Thanks so much and my dear friend says to me when I compliment her; I am just a reflection of YOU!


  • Hailey

    yes I love that shot of these two cuties!! 😉 Best holiday!! LOVE this family!

  • Hailey

    😉 hugs lovely

  • Hailey

    Thanks Amber and so glad you enjoyed this beautiful couple!

  • Meg reul

    A love like these two demonstrate for another makes one wish to grow old with someone for their love seems to remain so fresh…just beautiful…your work embodies the same qualities… Makes me smile….

  • Hailey

    hi Meg,

    thanks for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment! 😉
    Yes I hope to have a love with my hubby that remains this fresh!

  • http://Www.jeanhuangphotography.com Jean

    What I cute video, Hailey! I watched it with my husband (of 17 years). Like you, this has been my experience too – “I have grown up and felt free to be fully myself.” And I couldn’t thank my husband enough for how I turned out, although I’ve never thanked him for it. Haha…!!!