365 reasons to check out our new site!

Those who have been following our work for awhile will be very familiar with our 365 Grateful project. If you’re not familiar, you’re about to be!

We were very grateful and excited this week to launch a brand new site containing all things 365!

There’s the original story, there are films to watch, there’s Hailey’s recent TEDx talk (that you can see below if you haven’t already), there’s information about our book, some of the original Polaroids from all those years ago, and opportunities to connect with others using hashtags as well as suggestions on starting your own project. Is that 365 reasons? Well, it’s close! But don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself!

Special thanks for the wonderful site design and construction to Pitchstarter.

P.S. Keep an eye on the site as we will be adding more content and new films in the near future!

  • Yan

    Thanks you for this gift Hailey! I will share it with all my friend on facebook!

  • http://www.007huahua.com huahua

    woo~ congralutation! I love Ted, I also very pleased to see you stand on the ted to share your views. amazing~

  • http://urluvd.weebley.com Chris Erickson

    Thank you, Hailey, for being brave and willing to share. I have enjoyed your project very much. URLUVD

  • http://urluvd.weebly.co Chris Erickson

    I made a mistake on my website address in my last response. My grandmother always, always said, “We have so much to be glad and thankful for”. URLUVD

  • http://www.jensteele.com jen

    wow this is fantastic. what a better world this would be and would be filled with happier and healthier people if we all took the time to honor and value our daily existence.Life, it is so precious and we can easily waste it on our small first world worries. we are all so blessed. Thank you for reminding me of this , I will start to fill my days with gratitude today!

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